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Nov 30, 2012 8:30pm PST
: now two of the last three games they have needed him for the big one. he did it in overtime in oregon, he did it at home here against ucla to win a pac-12 championship. he can let the fiesta bowl go completely now. let it go. >> gus: 27-24 the final. stanford, pac-12 champions. and on the sideline with the victoria redshirt freshman quarterback here is petros. >> petros: talk about leading this team, you're 4-0 as the starter. what kind of ride has it been down the stretch for you now? >> it's been unbelievable this ride. you know, i've got great teammates around me. they make my job a lot easier. you saw that play by drew and that was all him. and, you know, it's just a great feeling. great for our seniors. they brought our program this far and it's nice to be able to go to the rose bowl. >> petros: how much tougher was this ucla football team the second time around? they really took it to you? >> yeah, they had a great plan. their defensive coaches did a great job preparing them and made our jobs a lot harder. on the third down pass plays, their corners and safeties, you know, took
Dec 1, 2012 8:30pm PST
stanford awaits. last two years, wisconsin losing 45-38 last year to oregon and 21-19 to tcu the previous year. our petros papadakis is on the field with a very happy healthy linebacker. >> petros: chris borland down here, guys. what a performance. you missed a few games with the hamstring. how sweet was it to get back on the field and earn a victory with your teammates tonight? >> it felt so good. last couple weeks have been tough. we played well as a team, but i couldn't contribute. this is just terrific. so glad. >> petros: how could you expect such a lopsided victory in this game? what were you guys doing to cause so much trouble for nebraska's offense? >> i think unlike five times this year, the ball bounced our way. we'll take it. >> petros: all right. have fun in pasadena. congratulations. gus? >> gus: thank you very much. now let's go to julie alexandria. >> julie: thanks, gus. here with james wright. incredible, incredible game from you today. four touchdowns, over 100 yards. how important was this win for you? >> it was very important. we knew what was at stake for this game. we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2